Dear TAMUCC RUFfians, past and present:

In light of the CoronaVirus, RUF is suspending all in-person group meetings until April 5.  The sad part of this is that we cannot get together for large group and eat together.  The upside of this is that Tim is finally learning how to use technology like a normal human being. 


We have set up our weekly large group Bible Study to be held on Zoom.  That’s right – we are going to do a virtual large group!  Another upside to this is that we can invite out-of-town students, past RUF students and past RUF campus ministers to join us.

I know what you are thinking – “Wow,!  How can I get in on this technological extravaganza?”  We can appreciate your enthusiasm, so we have placed a link on our web page in two different locations:       

     1.  There is a link on the home page

     2.  However, if you insist on making things a little more difficult, you can go to the calendar page, then

          click on Wednesday’s Large Group.  A link will appear that will take you right to our meeting.